Long-term Care

More often, long-term care is required when a person is less able to cope or perhaps when one or other of a couple suffers from a disability. Miracle Workers’ carers have experience in caring for those with a wide area of health care needs including:

  • Dementia: Alzheimer’s; Lewey bodies; Vascular
  • End of Life Care
  • Motor Neurone Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Palliative Care
  • Parkinson’s
  • Post-Operative Care
  • Stroke

For those people wishing to retain their independence and dignity by remaining in their own homes, a live-in carer can be the answer.


At Miracle Workers Agency we aim to ensure that our carers deliver a service of the highest quality that really does help to improve and sustain a client’s quality of life. All carers are selected carefully for their compassion, integrity and respect. We recruit carers who are professional in their outlook and who receive ongoing training and personal development in order to ensure that client care needs are met. All new carers attend a five day training and induction course with Miracle Workers.  

The relationship between carer and client is one of the most important aspects of our live-in care. We aim to provide carers who are matched as closely as possible with a client’s interests and lifestyle. Our week-long induction course helps us to get to know our carers, enabling us to find a compatible carer for the client.

We endeavour to adapt our carer’s abilities to fit in with the client’s needs and requirements. Establishing a relationship with each carer and remaining in contact whilst they are with a client allows the carer to conduct their duties with our professional support.


 There are four easy steps to start using our care services or to receive advice about the best care.

  1. Telephone the office on 01873 881306 and speak to one of our care managers. You will be given the best advice. Alternatively fill in the simple ‘Client Registration’ application form on this website and when it is received one of our care managers will telephone you.
  2. Following this, one of our assessors will arrange to visit the home of the client to plan the care strategy and discuss requirements and needs. For clarity we advise that a family member or representative also attends the client/assessor meeting. With the information received at this meeting, the assessor will liaise with the office, determine the level of care and draw up a care agreement.
  3. A carer will then be selected carefully to match the client’s needs. This process usually requires ten days to two weeks. In some cases clients require care with immediate effect. We can usually provide care at short notice when necessary to meet these needs. Miracle Workers takes great pride in its ability to match placements to individuals and will replace a carer should the two parties be incompatible.  Before travelling to the client’s home the carer will receive a full briefing from the care managers.
  4. Once a carer is in place we maintain regular contact with both the client and the carer to ensure that the placement runs as smoothly as possible.


Miracle Workers is committed to ensuring the highest standard of services provided and that it acts in the best interests of the client. We monitor client feedback carefully to make sure that the agency is delivering its objectives of providing a quality service and meeting National Minimum Standards. We adhere strictly to Care and Social Standards Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW) Regulations. Our registered manager produces an annual report available to clients, their relatives or representatives, Miracle Workers staff and to the CSSIW.

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