Do Miracle Workers charge for an assessment?

No, there is no charge for assessing new clients or reassessing existing clients.

Can carers administer medication?

Yes, carers are happy to give oral medication.  Any subcutaneous medication, for example in the form of a pen, can also be given by the carer but intravenous medication will need to be administered by the district nurse.  The carer will keep a record of all medication that has been given. 

Can carers manage incontinence and catheters?

Yes, all our carers are trained in catheter awareness and will assist with managing incontinence.

Will the carers get up during the night?

Occasional calls in the night are acceptable and we do not make specific charge for night calls.  However, carers cannot work safely and effectively if they have been called numerous times during the night. 

What does 24hr care mean?

This means that the carer will live in the client’s home for the duration of the placement.  However, this does not mean that the carer can work 24 hours a day.  A typical day would be approximately 10 working hours with a 3 hour break during daylight hours.  They would be available in the case of an emergency in the night.

Can carers help with exercises?

Carers are happy to assist clients with exercises as advised by a physiotherapist.

Will the carer have a monitor in their room at night?

Our carers are happy to have a monitor at night for emergencies. 

Do the carers have their own cars?

Some carers have their own cars but most do not.  We strongly advise that clients provide a car for the carer to use if it is necessary.  Narrowing the choice of carer to those with cars does not always result in the best selection.

Do the carers need a day off at the weekend?

No.  The carers work for approximately 10 hours a day 7 days a week and take 3 hours off during the day at a mutually convenient time.  During this time they should be free to leave the house if they wish.

What happens if the client goes into hospital?

Miracle Workers are entirely flexible.  The carer can leave the placement until the client returns home, although we would not be able to guarantee the same carer would return, or the carer can remain to assist with hospital visiting etc.

If I have a carer do I need a cleaner?

Carers’ primary role is to provide care for the client.  However, they will assist with light housework and laundry where time allows.  They will not cover the heavier cleaning tasks.

Where two carers are present can they share a bedroom?

No, two carers are generally present when there are night calls and they require a separate bedroom so they can rest properly in order to provide you or your relative with the best care, and for their own privacy.

Do carers need to have a television in their room and internet access in the house?

A television is desirable, particularly for a long-term assignment but not essential.  Giving the carer somewhere to sit and watch television allows the client and carer some space from each other during “down time”. 

Again internet access is desirable but not essential.  Carers often come from abroad and email and the internet are their means of communication with their family.

How long do carers stay for?

Miracle Workers aims to place carers for approximately 6 to 8 weeks at a time and on occasion for longer, provided both client and carer are happy with the arrangement. 

How is the carer paid?

The carer can be paid directly by the client on receipt of a fortnightly invoice, either by cheque or BACS, but not cash.  However, if preferable Miracle Workers can issue one monthly invoice for the total amount and pay the carer on the client’s behalf.  There is a surcharge of 5% on the management fee for this service. 

Do we have to sign a contract and what is the notice period?

You are not required to sign a contract.  We ask, where possible, that you give 7 days’ notice to discontinue care.

Can I change carers if I don’t get on with him/her?

Yes, we will be happy to change the carer as soon as another suitable carer is available.

Do I need to take out insurance?

We recommend the normal household insurance including third party liability which would cover anyone working on the premises.  Miracle Workers cover the carer for loss of earning due to accident while at work and we also cover any mistake in the care of the client by a MWA carer.  If the carer is driving the client’s car it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the carer is covered.

Will the carers work alongside other agencies/staff?

Miracle Workers carers are always happy to work with drop-in carers from other agencies or staff employed by the client.  However, some agencies have different rules about working with others.

Can I meet the carer in advance?

We will provide you with detailed information about the carer we have chosen for you but as they are frequently coming directly from another placement or from another part of the country a meeting is not possible.

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