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Complaints and Compliments Policy


Miracle Workers Agency Ltd (MWA) is committed to delivering a high quality service and being responsive to the needs of its clients.  It does, however, recognise that there will be occasions when people will be dissatisfied with the service received and will wish to make a complaint.  MWA is committed to resolving these complaints as quickly as possible in an open and transparent manner.  Receiving and acting on complaints is seen as vital to improving the service we offer.


For the purposes of clarity, Miracle Workers Agency identifies complaints, comments and compliments as follows:-

A Complaint – any verbal or written expression of dissatisfaction with the quality of service provision, to which a response is required;

A Comment – any suggestions on how services could be changed, to which a response is not necessarily required;

A Compliment – any praise made about the quality of the service.

This policy sets out the procedure for dealing with complaints and compliments within MWA.  It is designed to ensure that complaints are dealt with quickly and that mistakes are acknowledged and learned from in order to prevent them from happening again. 


All clients and carers will have access to the Complaints and Compliaments Policy via MWA’s website and in the client diary. 

Every complaint will be welcomed and taken seriously. 

 We encourage and support a culture of openness that ensures any comment or complaint is listened to and acted on giving regard to our Duty of Candour. 

A full record of each complaint is logged and recorded in line with our internal procedures. 

All complaints are treated entirely confidentially. 

A complaint can be made by telephone, in person, in writing, or by email to .

A complaint should be made no later than 3 months after the date the event occurred, or after the event came to the notice of the complainant but in this case, it must be within 6 months of the event.

The time limit will not apply if MWA is satisfied there was good reason for not making the complaint within that time limit and, despite the delay, it is still possible to investigate the complaint effectively and fairly. 

Making a complaint will not cause a client or carer to be discriminated against or have any negative effect on their care or support.

Miracle Workers Agency will monitor, analyse and identify patterns of complaints and act on this information to improve the service offered.

The Managing Director has overall responsibility for the management of complaints.

Verbal Complaints

A verbal complaint can be made to any member of staff.

All verbal complaints, no matter how seemingly unimportant, should be taken seriously.

Care managers that receive a verbal complaint should seek to solve the problem immediately.

If care managers cannot solve the problem immediately, they should refer the matter to the Registered Manager.

After talking through the problem, the care manager dealing with the complaint or the Registered Manager should suggest and agree a course of action with the complainant and record it on CarePlanner.  

If the suggested course of action is not acceptable to the complainant, they should put their complaint in writing to the Managing Director.

Formal or Written Complaints

Written complaints will be acknowledged in writing within two working days.

Written complaints will be dealt with by the Registered Manager or Managing Director.  If the complaint relates to the Registered Manager it will be dealt with by the Managing Director or Chairman of the Board. 

Every written complaint will be thoroughly investigated and a written response given within 28 days.  Where a complaint is likely to take more than 28 days, for instance owing to the need for legal advice or police involvement, the complainant will be notified of the delay and the reason for it.

All written complaints will be treated confidentially and with tact and sensitivity.  

Any decision made by the organisation will be explained.  If a complaint is upheld, MWA will apologise and suggest a plan by which the complaint can be resolved.  


As well as receiving complaints, MWA also receives compliments which highlight areas of good practice and acknowledges the hard work of staff and carers.  

MWA values the positive feedback it receives about staff and services. Compliments received will be forwarded to the staff member or carer concerned.  Carers’ positive feedback will be recorded in their next supervision.

Unresolved Complaints

If a complaint remains unresolved or the client is not satisfied with the outcome, it can be referred to the Local Government Ombudsman or Public Services Ombudsman for Wales. Contact details are as follows:

Local Government Ombudsman

Telephone: 0300 0610614

Public Services Ombudsman for Wales

Telephone: 0300 7900203

MWA is regulated by the Care Quality Commission in England and the Care Inspectorate Wales for clients in Wales.  Whilst the regulators are not able to get involved in individual complaints about providers, they are always happy to receive information about our service at any time.  They can be contact as follows:

Telephone: 03000 0616161

Telephone: 0300 790 0126

Katy Warner

Managing Director

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