How can I balance my own life and commitments with the need to care for an elderly or ill parent or family member?
How can someone who is independent, proud and comfortable in their own home and surroundings, continue to remain so, even as everyday tasks become harder to manage?
How can I avoid the impersonal nature of Residential Care, where simple decisions such as what to eat, when to get up and when to go bed are taken by someone else who knows nothing about me?

Miracle Workers have the answers

We offer a specialist live-in care service to people who require assistance in their own home.

Live-in care is fast becoming the preferred choice of many people who wish to retain their independence. Miracle Workers will help you achieve this.

We are an independent, family-owned and run business. It was established in 1996 by Miriam Warner, our Managing Director:

For nearly 20 years we have provided care to many satisfied clients.  My goal and the goal of my team, is to assist you to live a full and independent life in the comfort of your own home.  Working directly with you and your family, our very personal service will establish a support system which aims to provide the very best of care.  I really do want you to believe in miracles!

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